Perth, Western Australia – Identitywa, a leading care provider and an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, has announced its strategic partnership with Jarra Property to develop a portfolio of contemporary, high-quality specialist homes as part of Identitywa’s housing strategy to address the urgent and growing need for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).


Marina Re, CEO of Identitywa, emphasizes the importance of this partnership in fulfilling their mission.

“Jarra Property is a specialist developer with a proven track record in SDA and commercial property developments.


Their commitment to delivering real solutions aligns perfectly with our purpose of supporting people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives,” she said.


“This collaboration will enhance our ability to meet the critical housing demands of our community.”


The planned homes will be single-story, featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Designed and constructed in accordance with SDA Design Standards, they will incorporate the specific needs of the occupants, utilize assistive technologies, and be located in areas with access to amenities, public transport, and proximity to family and friends.

These features are intended to ensure that the housing not only meets but exceeds the quality standards necessary for providing a supportive environment.


Mike Cameron, Managing Director of Jarra Property, underscores the dual benefits of this purpose-driven partnership.

“Investors are increasingly seeking opportunities that offer both strong returns and social impact, and this project meets those criteria perfectly,” Cameron stated.


“Perth’s residential property market has seen significant growth, and this project provides a solid foundation for investors while addressing a critical need for specialist housing.”


Marina Re further highlights the pressing need for these housing solutions, noting that current demand significantly exceeds supply.

“There is an increasing demand for quality housing solutions, and we want to ensure that the supply meets the unique needs of these participants and their families.

This partnership with Jarra Property is very important and will address some of these needs of people with disabilities and help to improve their lives.”


Jarra Property has launched a fund (its 5th SDA fund) to raise capital for this project, with the homes to be leased to Identitywa under a 10-year lease agreement, with an option for two additional 5-year terms. Sophisticated investors interested in contributing to this impactful initiative should contact Jarra Property at