Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is purpose-built housing designed to meet extremely high needs or extreme functional impairments of eligible Australians under the age of 65, funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Jarra Property is currently actively working with NDIS service providers, Supported Independent Living (SIL) Providers and investment capital to create new and innovative SDA in Perth, that exceeds the needs of SDA Participants in our community.

Why is SDA an attractive investment opportunity?

Access to secure, accessible and affordable housing is a fundamental human right.  However, people with disabilities are at a much greater risk of living in unaffordable housing where the cost of keeping a roof over their heads can only be met by reducing spend on daily essentials like food and health care.  As a result, they face a higher risk of homelessness, prompting concerns about a disability housing crisis in Australia.  SDA serves to address this by providing housing that has been specially designed to meet the needs of people who have high support needs.

Not only can SDA properties provide higher returns compared to traditional residential properties, due to higher rental yields and Government funding, they also present investors with the opportunity to make a positive social impact.  By investing in SDA, investors are providing tailored, suitable and comfortable accommodation for people with disabilities, who may otherwise struggle to find housing to meet their needs.

SDA presents an exciting investment opportunity in a growing sector that provides much needed support to people whose needs are not currently being met by the Australian residential housing market.  With insufficient available SDA stock and the number of SDA participants growing at an annualised rate of 18.0% over the past 3 years, the Federal Government is stimulating development in the sector.

The SDA market has a growing tenant base and is a fully managed program with Federal Government backing.


Jarra Property SDA investment opportunities

Jarra Property is a commercial property investment and development company that has engaged SDA Providers and industry to understand the needs of the local community.  Our SDA investment strategy is to work closely with SDA providers with a proven track record to deliver high standard accommodation in supply constrained locations.

Jarra Property’s SDA products are not only designed to meet the highest NDIS SDA Design Certification, giving SDA Providers flexibility regarding the Participant they have in the accommodation, but they are also designed with a focus on quality and livability for the Participants.  This approach is intended to minimise occupancy risk as much of the competing product is expected to be delivered with a cost focus.  Jarra Property have the skills and experience required to find sites best suited to the needs of SDA Participants, have established relationships with trusted builders and understand the design standards and development application process required to deliver a successful project.  The end goal is for Jarra Property to develop dwellings that people are proud to call their home.

With five SDA Funds live and SDA villas currently under construction across multiple sites, Jarra Property has recently been announced as the chosen strategic partner to deliver Identitywa’s housing strategy.  As an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Identitywa is exclusively partnering with Jarra Property to develop a portfolio of sixteen houses to accommodate people to whom they provide care and support services. 

To find out more about this Fund, or request a copy of the Information Memorandum, please visit this page contact Michael Cameron, Commercial Director, on mike@jarraproperty.com or 0402 435 998.

Current SDA Projects

Specialist Disability Accommodation Portfolio for Identitywa – Open for Investment – find out more

Specialist Disability Accommodation, Perth (Balga) – Under Construction – find out more

Specialist Disability Accommodation, Perth (Mandurah) – Under Construction – find out more

Specialist Disability Accommodation, Perth (Glendalough) – Under Construction – find out more

Specialist Disability Accommodation, Perth (Balga) – Project Completed


Sources: NDIS website (May 2023), Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare (May 2023), NDIS Quarterly report to disability ministers (31 March 2023)
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